Under the Couch

Under the couch.... Yes, ferrets do have a tendency to hide everything under the couch (or under your bed) and every time it is a exciting quest what you will find when you are cleaning...

So what do we find then? In the most cases there are your socks or your napkin.... Or perhaps that cap you have been looking for! Or little toys and things that make sounds! Anyway, you'll always find food...

In this section you can also find some nice stuff such as the ever returning quiz or a new poll from time to time. So keep checking 'under the couch' and let yourself be surprised with what you might find....

The winner is...

Jis Roessen from Belgium! Congratulations Jis with your prize. We hope that you'll like it!

And the prize is the realsize poster of Max!



New, safe and ready for all your scribbles! Here it is!

The winner is...

Rebekka van Hese from the Netherlands!

Rebekka answered all four question correctly and we are hoping that she will be happy with a original ferret play tunnel, handmade by Marjan.

Congratulations Rebekka!

A new quiz! *

Hello fuzzylovers! To end this year with some nice stuff, we put on a new quiz. Again, hand-made by Marjan, you can win this colorful ferret play tunnel. So don't wait any longer and see if you are someone who knows all four questions correctly!


To see what others had won before, click here.

* Please note that this quiz is closed!

We have a Winner!

From all the participants with four correct answers in our latest quiz, we drew one winner.

And this time the winner is Gwen van Veen from the Netherlands.

Congratulations Gwen with your prize, a handmade cushion and hammock by Marjan. We will sent you your prize as soon as possible.


I must say, this has got nothing to do with ferrets whatsoever but I stumbled upon this very interesting, addictive and spooky site.

It is a non-linear, interactive visual experience. Just enter one or more words that define the subject of a dream you would like to dream. So I typed in some words that came to mind and waited for my dream loading..... Really astonishing! Some weird stuff appeared when I entered 'webferrets'...... I saw our living-room in the dream!

Try it for yourself and be surprised!


A new quiz! *

Hello fuzzyfriends! It is time we offer you a new chance on winning this wonderful hammock and cushion. As usual, it is hand-made and measures about 40 by 50 centimeters. Suitable for about any ferret cage.


Because this is our first quiz on the new site we shall ad an extra item to this sleeping set! We'll keep this a secret for now. To see what others had won before, click here.

* Please note that this quiz is closed!


Since the guestbook is spammed I took it off-line.

I'm working on a new one so please come back again to see if it's here!

There is also a compilation available from the previous Guestbook with the most kindest, funniest entries. Much fun to read!

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