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Since our old site no longer shall be updated and shall be taken off-line within a couple of months will, we'll also loose our guestbook entries.

Therefore I thought it would be nice to make a compilation of the most cutest, kindest, weirdest or funniest entries and show them here. The order is chronological starting from the oldest one!

Natalie from the UK wrote on December 2, 2002:

nice website, i am most impressed, this helped me a lot with my project, thankyou!

Chris from the USA wrote on November 26, 2002:

Your homepage is excellent! I fell in love with all your ferrets! I can't believe you guys had to go thru so much, but like an ex owner of one of those, I understand. I used to have 2, but since I moved to California, I had to give them away, and you don't understand how much I miss them! And yes like you said, they brought joy to my life! Thanks for being so wonderful to them.

Mark from the USA wrote on November 21, 2002:

Hello fellow ferret lovers. I'm 42 years old and have had ferrets most of my adult life. At the present time I have two ferrets. Zorro a sandy male of three years of age, and Pogo also a sandy, pogo is a one year old female. Both are healthy, hell raisers.I just stumbled onto your sight as i was looking for more onformation on ferrets and their health care.

I too have lost a couple of older ferrets to old age and sickness, and was wondering about their health care. I found your sight most informative. Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon.

Pamela from the USA wrote on January 4, 2003:

Exactly 4 weeks ago today, I lost my 2nd oldest of 4 ferrets that I adore. He was very ill, but showed no real signs of insulinoma nor adrenal disease. He died on the OR table and I was out of town working when it happened. I am so heart broken that I can barely work some days.
These are my children, as I cannot have children. So I took all the love that I could give a child and passed it on to all animals, but my 4 fuzzies got the best of me. Could someone please help me with the loss of my baby boy Mosha? And if anyone suspects something is wrong with your ferret, DO NOT DELAY! Find a vet that specializes in exotics. You will have your fuzzy around longer than you think. Mine went to heaven at 6.5 years of age. I miss him beyond words.

Thanks for any input. Keep up the great website!

Laura from the UK wrote on January 5, 2003:

Hiya guys, i love the page, some beautiful photgraphs on here. As a photographer and an ex- ferret owner i can quite easily say i know how hard it is to get these little guys to sit still. God knows the last thing my Oscar and AJ wanted to do was sit still! Hoping to get two more ferrets soon so will keep checking the site.

Happy new year!

Dee from the USA wrote on January 24, 2003:

As a volunteer for the local humane society, I have opened my home (no, given my home) to two stray wuzzles. Known as Duncan & Dooley. The cinnimon clowns have been the sorce of much laughter and fun! All who visit my home, are enchanted by them. My other pets have gotten use to the ferrets, and the inter-species games never stop! Anyone who adopts one of these wonderful little creatures will surely be in love with ferrets for life.

Esther from the Netherlands wrote on January 26, 2003:

I like to say that this is a lovely site. With beautiful pictures and great story's. Me and my 3 ferrets (Jasmijn, Lena and Louise) loved it. Lena is pregnant now for 2 weeks and this would be our first nest. We are very exited and can't wait till the pups are here. We found some great new homes for them. Thats all folks... greetings from Holland, Esther and her girls

Melanie from the USA wrote on February 7, 2003:

This site is awesome!!!!!I just adore the pictures. You must be a professional. My best friend is getting a ferret, and I can't wait!!!! My only suggestion is to include basic information on the little bundles of fur.

Marie from Belgium wrote on February 22, 2003:

A gorgeous website you have here and a lovely collection of pictures! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer from the USA wrote on March 14, 2003:

Great website! I know how hard it is to photograph ferrets...My digital camera is great-- I can take all the shots I want and never waste money on film. Wanda and Kodi, my two ferrets are the main stars of my website. Visit us if you get a chance!

Tonjia from the USA wrote on April 13, 2003:

I have just spent the last hour on your website and I must say cudos to you and your extended family. The painting is AMAZING and I love the tribute you pay to your fallen friends. I too have lost my pals in the past. I, like you had to keep getting another when one would pass to keep the left behind one company. My husband and I always keep a pair, but I admire your consern for taking in strays and unwanted ferrets. I too have adopted and fostered my share.

I now have three because I couldn't stand to see this little guy taken to the pound because all too often they don't leave their. He has been an added joy to our duo. Keep up the great work and wonderful stories.
Look forward to coming back later and viewing the Hot News.

Joost en Sandra from the Netherlands wrote on May 5, 2003:

We are family of this website-designer, Kick and his wife Marianne.

We have the need to write this short sad story in this guestbook. In week 18 we had all present ferrets Buffy, Kira, Belle, Sisko and Luna at our house for a visit, during a short holliday of Kick and Marianne. This was the 4th time we had the ferrets over and we are familiar with the special care that ferrets need, esspecialy Belle and Kira with their special diet and medication.

On last Tuesday-evening Belle didn't felt the need to eat but Sandra let Belle lick some food and medicine from her finger-tip. Belle still appeared play-full and looked bright. The next morning, 30th april, Sandra found Belle realy sick, she couldn't stand up. We went with rush to the Pet-Emergency-Clinic in Amsterdam. The pet-dokter on duty happened to have a personal interrest in rodents and also ferrets. She diagnosed a very poor condition and felt Belle had a very thick stomac. She wanted to take some x-ray's, perform a blood-research and wanted to keep Belle at the clinic to add some fluids in to her body and warm her up.

We left the clinic at 10:00. At 14:00 Sandra received a call with the results of the research. X-ray showed that Belle's liver was twice as big as normal, possible caused by a tumor inside. Blood research showed a very low level of glucose. The pet-dokter told that Belle, in her poor condition, would not survive a surgery to have a closer look at the liver. She advised to perform euthanasia, to "save" Belle from the pain she obviously had to suffer.

Sandra and Petra (sister in law) went to the clinic, and Belle was put peacefully into "the final sleep" in the hands of Sandra. This sad experience does not fear or keep us to have the ferrets over for visits in the future! It is realy a joy the see the ferrets together in harmony with our big cats, Main-Coons.

To Kick and Marianne : Big Hugh and kiss, Joost and Sandra.

Christina from the USA wrote on May 9, 2003:

This has to be one of the cutest ferret sites out there on the web. I have enjoyed getting to know your ferrets and how you come to have them all. I only have one right now his name is Bear. We call him Little Bear from the kids books. He has a very distint personality and I swaer is one of a kind. My boyfriend and I live in an APT. and can't wait till we move so we can own more. I want Bear to have many friends but for right now his' an only child.

Ashley from the USA wrote on May 22, 2003:

I have a ferret named Todo and I just wanted to say I love this website. I let my ferret look at the picture of the two ferrets in the flower pot and now he gets in my flowers every chance he gets. I realy like this website and I am so sorry for the death of your ferret Belle who died. I read it in the pictures page and I cried

Steph from the USA wrote on June 4, 2003:

I'm 10 and here's what I have to say..... I LOVE FERRETS I LOVE FERRETS I LOVE FERRETS I LOVE FERRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT A FERRET!!!!!

Marie from Belgium wrote on July 6 2003:

Hey there, it had been a while since my last visit but *wow* your site keeps getting better and better. Hats off to your wife for the painting and keep up the great job!! Cheers Marie

Joie from the USA wrote on July 25, 2003:

have been thinking about getting a ferret for quit sometime now. Trying to talk my hubby into it has been some trick. Well, it seems that he knows of someone who has 2 of them and he wastelling my hubby about them. I do not like to buy a pet until I have learned all I need to know to keep it happy and healthy. After looking at your site it makes me want to run out and buy one. I love animals but ferrets are the pet I would love to have.

Looking at your site makes me want one even more. I love the story that comes with each of your ferrets. I am so glad that there are those out there that will not buy an animal from a pet store. Thank you for letting us know that you can infact rescue them. To me a rescued pet makes for the best pet you could possibly have. They repay you with their love for bringing them home. Great site. Even my kids want to look at every page now. I just may talk my hubby into a ferret yet.

Hannah from the USA wrote on August 25, 2003:

I like your site! I have one ferret. He's six months old and in the past month he has given me so much grief, but I love him right to death, I think I'll keep him! 1.) My little brother locked him in an air tight container while I was at work -- for three hours before mom found him! He lived to tell abotu and was just fine! 2.) I took him to wal mart with me so I could get him a big container and sand to dig in! Well, I put him in the waggon part, put the bucket in front of me and I couldnt see him! He jumped out and I ran over (I THINK and I HOPE it was only his tail but could have been further up!) him. He lived to tell about that one too and is juuuust fine! Next I spend 28 bucks at the vet to find out he has diahrea and he lives to tell about that too! And THEN he runs away but comes back ten minutes later! Lived to tell about that one, too! And last but not least he was covered in ticks today!!! AGH! My friend and I were able to pick them all out! But im sure that's not the last of my grief!

Carol from the USA wrote on September 12, 2003:

I have never wanted a Ferret, but my friend really did so I decieded to do some reasearch. When I hit this link and read the amazing stories I really wanted one and can't wait tillI know enough about them and have the amount of time it takes to have one.

Jessica from the USA wrote on September 25, 2003:

I own two ferrets which I love dearly. I have been raising ferrets for 14 years and there is one ferret that seems to always be on my mind. Her name was Princess. She died at 6 1/2 years old of cancer. She was my first ferret. I got her when I was 5 years old. I raised her and trained her even though I might of seemed so young at the time. Even at that time I would find books and read about ferrets. She opened my eyes to a new world. She helped me out through my times of suicide and showed me what it was to love. She was my only friend when there was no one else. She was there when I was sick or sad. She gave me love and happiness. She might not be down on earth today but she will be my gaurdian angel in heaven.

Rochelle from the USA wrote on November 19, 2003:

My husband and I have five little fuzzies. It's always great to see pictures of other ferrets, and their stories. We've owned ferrets for eleven years, thanks to the movie "Beastmaster", those guys were so cute. Now that we have them, we couldn't imagine living without them.

David from the USA wrote on December 4, 2003:

Your webiste is really cool!! I have no ferrets but I love them and think they are adorable. I fed my dad's landlords ferrrets when she went away, and I fell in love with them. They were loose in the house, so they took me a little while to find. I first found Ruby(an albino)in an old workboot in the basement(what a hiding spot!)Drake(a tan and black ferret) turned up at the food bowl somtime when I was searching for Ruby in the basement. Once again great website!

Mel from Australia wrote on January 2, 2004:

I was looking through the guestbook and I was amazed at how many ferret owners are from the U.S! I'm from Australia and I only know of 1 other person who owns ferrets! However, I love my little furries, a sable called Molly, and an albino called Sadie, even if they arent very common here in Tasmania.

Well, keep up the great site! Im' sure to come back and visit. And all you carpet-shark parents out there, keep up the ownership, we all know how rewarding it is! cya! :)

Judy from the USA wrote on February 4, 2004:

I am so glad that I found your site on ferrets, it has been a big help to my son. He is doing a scenice project on them and it is a great help. Can you email me with more info about them like what else they like to eat and toys they play with

Greta from the USA wrote on April 15, 2004:

Hello, I found your website address in the May/June 2004 issue of Ferret magazine. Your stories, photos and drawings are delightful. I have four ferrets. Nada is a 5 year old dew female who is deaf. She is the matriarch of my business and rules her kingdom with an iron, but loving hand. Cinco de Mayo is my four y/o male whom I rescued from a shelter in Chicago. He was found on the streets of Chicago on May 5, 2001and I've named him for the Mexican celebration of spring which occurs on May 5th, or in Spanish Cinco de Mayo.
Tatonka claimed me at a pet store and was a birthday gift from my daughter. He is now 2 y/o and I call him TT for a nickname. This just seems to fit him better. Itty Bitty was found as a tiny kit starving to death in a pet store, as the owner had housed her with larger, older ferrets that would not let her eat.
My friend took Itty home for special care with the pet store owner's approval and two weeks later I bought her. My 8 month old Itty is giving her brothers a run for their money now as to size. She has grown into a 2.4 pound fuzzball and isn't itty anymore. My ferrets light up my life. Thank you for your enjoyable website.

Will from the USA wrote on October 4, 2004:

I like the website, I just recently purchased a ferret. At 1st I was like damn there really hyper, and my wife has a thing with pets that have an odor. But I like the idea of having a little ferret. My wife is slowly starting to adapt to it, suprisingly I think she starting to like him. Hey maybe I can get another one, yeah right now im pushing it.

Danielle from the USA wrote on January 5, 2005:

I love ferrets!!!! I have 1 its name is Ferra!! She is tan and I want another one, but my mom said I can't Because she don't want the one I have!! I love the site and I want to here more I love the pics of the ferrets. I put them as a background on my computer!! thanks alot for the facts!!

David from the USA wrote on March 29, 2005:

I love your page, the same way I love ferrets. I have 2 lovible ferrets named Tazzy(female) and Shitty(male). Will it had started when my father give me he's 5th ferret to take home with me. He buyes all types of animals and just gives them away. Well back to the point, I had called my Wife and told her I had an animal in the bathroom, she replyed "an animal", "YES" I replyed a Ferret. She said "whats a Ferret". I said just go and look at it. Ever since that day she and I have been in love. Thats how it all began now I have 2 beatiful healthy ferrets that sleep, eat, and shit. But I love them.

Kitty from the Netherlands wrote on May 31, 2005:

Zal ik dan ook maar weer een normaal berichtje neerzetten? Ik blijf het een hele mooie site vinden! En je schilderijen sja.. daar heb ik geen woorden voor!!

And for the English visitors here (please do not look at my writting becasue I'm a Dutch student and I can talk English but mu writting is not very good) Do not mind me I'm a silly friend of Marjan and Kick

Buh-bye Kitty

A very angry Kitty from the Netherlands wrote on June 22, 2005:

listen up mister online internet poker!! This is a very nice site about ferrets, which are very beautiful and kind animals and you are polluting this beautiful site with your crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly from the USA wrote on January 11, 2006:

Great sight. They are the cutest little fuzzies. Great idea about the test. I took it and didn't do to bad. I'll come back and take the nest one and see what is new. great sight again!

Danielle from the Netherlands wrote on February 19, 2006:

I really love the painting!!! Excellent work Marjanne :D I think Michelle would love it. Love Daan

Kitty from the Netherlands wrote on April 5, 2006:

Request from Rainbow Bridge

Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears
For with your love I was so blessed
For all those many years
There is no pain, I suffer not
The fear now all is gone.
Put now these things out of your thoughts
In your memory I live on
Remember not my fight for breath
Remember not the strife
Please do not dwell upon my death
But celebrate my life.

Marion from Germany wrote on February 11, 2007:

Hello, theirs homepage is simply great and the ferrets is absolutely sweet. I also have ferret and I love them very much. Yours sincerely, Marion Stumpe

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